My Story


I'm Carmen Escobedo. A brand and digital designer with a reductive and minimalistic visual language, working and living in USA. I work with startups as well as established brands. Helping build a timeless and meaningful design solutions with real purpose and value. I specialize in Branding, Websites, UI, App's and Photo Production.


I am from Mexico, currently living in Simsbury, CT with my family and my native language is Spanish. My career started in newspaper publishing. Working with one of the most influential media companies in Mexico (Grupo Reforma).


I participated in the startup of a brand new newspaper in Mexico City that changed the way newspapers were designed.


I was supervising and working on redesigns of many sections and training the new designers.

In 2000, I had the opportunity to move to one of the largest media companies to start a portal. And that was how was born.


After a couple of years, I took a break to be with my family. We moved to the USA for 4 years (Miami, FL) and the back to Mexico. We moved to Lansdown, Virginia in 2011 and lived until 2016 when we finally landed in Simsbury.


During this time, I did not work for any company, but I had two little clients to keep me busy. I worked hard with party invitations, piƱatas, and cakes.

In 2011 I started again as a freelancer, reinventing myself every step of the way. Each project has taken me in different routes, jumping to digital, publishing to Apps, UI, and social media.


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